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Welcome to the NamLITS Online!

The Namibia livestock identification and traceability system is being implemented to create the ability to track and trace animals for the purposes of-
  • managing animal disease surveillance and control programs
  • managing animal disease emergencies
  • validating animal health status claims and meat safety guarantees
  • verifying the FAN Meat quality assurance scheme
  • facilitating regional and international trade
The website, NamLITS online makes it easier for you to manage your livestock movement records. It checks some of the information you provide and gives you guidance on adjusting incorrect records.

You can use NamLITS Online to-
  • apply for animal movement permits
  • update your contact details held on the central database
  • view movement history of individual cattle
  • view cattle movement records that we are not sure about
  • view a list of all cattle on your farm
  • view a list of cattle that have moved 'on' or 'off' your farm
  • view a list of all permits issued to you
  • view a list of outstanding movement permits
Why you should use CTS Online?
  • It's quick and easy to use
  • It helps reduce paperwork.
  • Its available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We send you permits via e-mail
  • You can check your own records against information held on NamLITS.
  • You only pay for the time spent on-line.
Coming Soon…………You will soon be able to use NamLITS Online to-
  • Register tagged cattle on to the central database
  • report cattle movements 'on' and 'off' your farm
  • report movements sheep, goats and pigs 'on' and 'off' your farm
  • report the death of an animal individually identified by an official
NamLITS Online will help make sure your information is correct. When you register a new animal or movement, the system will check some of the information you enter. This means you make fewer mistakes. Soon you will save paperwork, postage costs, time and effort.

Remember - It is not about the TAG, It is about animal disease management and market access. Safeguard your livelihood by complying with identification and traceability requirements!
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